Amwar 2 "Nuclear attack on the U.S. west coast"

This is some information about a classified covert mission recently carried out by seal team 6. Some information has been released and I will tell it to you. Amwar 2 is the name of a large cargo ship that was on its way to the Long Beach with highly radioactive nuclear material to be used to attack the U.S. At first we only knew about the material and the plot, not which ship, out of thousands of ships around the world and we knew it was coming here soon. The President orders the alert to be raised to orange, just recently. The C.I.A. sent teams around to suspect harbors to try and find the ship disguised as a National Geographic film crews. They found the ship with detection devises hidden in the camera equipment. With just a few days before the ship was to reach our west coast President Bush had to decide how to handle it. I cannot tell you who the ship belonged to but it would not have been good to just openly seize it or bomb it without starting a war with a country that no one in the world wants any part of. The president choose to send in Navy Seal team 6 in to sink the ship at sea, at night and in a way that it would look an accident and in a way that the people on the ship could be rescued and the seal team escape.

Talk about a very big order to fill. Well obviously mission accomplished, as we did not loose a million or so American lives. The ships captain talked and we busted the terrorist group in California was apprehended. The Presidents National Security team uncovered this plot and stopped it all in about a month and a half. This is one of hundreds of incidences that have been stopped before they happened and you never heard a word of any of it and we went off of orange alert. 

It is amazing that one man making all of these, daily and sometimes hourly, life and death of America decisions, has so many of his own people bitching about him in horrible ways because he doesn't a thousand and one other things, when every waking and sleepless moment of his life is involved with keeping you and I alive. Look at what you accomplish in one day and compare.

Foreign news reported the sinking of the Amwar 2 as an accident and was thankful that not one life was lost. Our media did not report it at all. This story is soon being released to our media if they choose to tell you or not. However I hear that the discovery web site will have some of this story if you want to check it out.

You try to think and plan out just one of these missions and pull it off in a year and so successfully at that. If you could then I can tell you of many billion-dollar corporations that will pay you millions to be their ceo. The Navy said that normally a mission such as one of these pre 2000 took six months or more and were seldom 100% successful. No other President ever in our history had to deal with so many life and death issues so often and in such a short span of time.

Something to think about, I dare you to read it:
Say you had a heart attack in your driveway. The paramedics are working on you to save your life. One of your neighbors calls from his porch, "Hey paramedic what about me, I sprang my toe!" Another neighbor yells out, "Hey paramedic what about me, I nicked my finger!" Soon the news cameras are between you and the man that can save your life demanding the rights of your neighbors to be equally treated "Right Now!" The paramedic pushes his way through all of the bureaucracy, yells at the neighbors and says, "I love you too, I will get there ASAP but for now you will live and this person will surely die without my immediate attention. By no small miracle and several hours of the paramedic's time "you lived" and he did send a bandaid and some Epsom salt to the neighbors. The next day the news reported how incompetent the paramedic was, the neighbors spread the stories of his dereliction of duties and worse to the extent of calling the lifesaver the same as Hitler.                        

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