Sago Palms (Cycas revoluta) Also known as Feather Leaf Palm

Use clumps of Sagos in the border.

These palms grow slowly and produce multiple offsets at the base of the trunk.

The tree is easy to grow and flourishes in the heat producing a special tropical
specimen around pools.
Male Sago with
pollinating apparatus
protruding from
top center
Female Sago with
seed band just
under leaf crown
The Midrib of a Sago palm leaf
is a beautifully sculptured
waxy yellow
Excellent for potting
near entrances
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Washingtonia Palms (Washingtonia filifera)
COMMON NAMES - California Fan Palm or Petticoat Palm
Washingtonia Palm (Washingtonia robusta) Also called Mexican Fan Palm. Tall slender trunk is topped with a crown of large fan-shaped evergreen fronds. Provides a very tropical appearance to the landscape. Zones 8-11. Cold Hardy to 16°F.

Excellent for use as street trees or a focal landscape specimen. Full sun. Fast growing to 50-60 feet high, 10 to 15 foot wide crown, ours are seed grown.
Zamia Palm (Coontie Palm) Also called Coontie, Hairstreak Palm or Florida Arrowroot

When used as a pot plant, partial shade is recommended

Prefers partial shade with dry slightly wet soils. Easy to grow as a landscape plant in the deep south or excellent and simple to grow indoors in cold climates as a potted plant. Up to four feet tall. Zones 9-11.