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"The first thing to know is; Use fresh stuff, no cheating!!!
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Bill's Ultimate Salsa!

As always, use only fresh ingredients, no cans or boxes!

Items 2, 7,  8, & 10 can be left out and still have great salsa! 

1  ) Plenty of diced tomatoes!
2  ) 1/2 stick of celery chopped very fine.
3  ) Peppers of choice to your taste depending on how
   much heat you want, there are many fine verities of mild peppers. I use
   1/2 green bell pepper and ½ of a jalapeno pepper.  
4  ) One white onion.
5  ) A small pinch each of; curry powder, paprika, cumin and turmeric.
6  ) 1 head of fresh finely chopped garlic.
7  ) ½ each of fresh squeezed lime and or lemon.
8  ) A good squirt of extra virgin olive oil.
9  ) A few good squirts of seasoned rice vinegar, I like and use Nakano.
10) Chopped cooked artichoke hearts.
11) Three good long squirts of ketchup.
12) A little of your favorite tomato juice, I prefer clamato juice.
13) A hand full of finely chopped fresh cilantro.
14) A few good shakes of chili powder.
15) Salt and pepper to taste and 2 heaping table spoons of sugar!
16) fresh water to thin as needed to thin.

Refrigerate over night for best results!

Good wine!
Depending upon what you can spend, try woodbridge or turning leaf!
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